Friday, March 27, 2009

Okay...wanna laugh your - - - - off?

Tracey at the Mustang Diaries posted this!

It was the perfect way to end a week- for me at least....check her out and also the link.
She was recently in the Mustang Challenge at NW Horse EXPO and adopted her wonderful Steve Holt! !

Kac out


  1. Hi, i just read your comment on my post about my very pregnant horse. This is her first and also my first foal. And she's already 13. Thought very long and hard about it, but then decided that I really wanted a foal from her because she is such a wonderful horse. We will be keeping the foal, although I have already received offers for it (can you imagine that?). Anyway, it has cost me a couple of years of my life, can't bear the thought of something happening to her during the birth, but everybody keeps telling me that it will be alright. Will believe thát if the foal has arrived and everything is okay ;)
    So......please keep your fingers crossed...

    And your horse is gorgeous. So jealous of the trails you do with her. The photos look great! Am now going to check the link in this post of yours. Bye ;-)

  2. Just returned from the link you gave here: hahahahahahahahaha
    Thanks for a good laugh ;-)

  3. See! I'm making you look veeeerrrrry popular with all those comments: but yes, that strange thing on his helmet is a camera.

  4. That video is hilarious!!! I've seen it on a couple other blogs, too. I'm sharing it with everybody, because it's so funny. And creative.

  5. Yeppers...I just had to put it on mine too today...casue I think it really is creatively hilarious!
    Thanks for coming by Colleen!

  6. Very amusing and well done! Thanks for sharing :D


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