Sunday, December 7, 2008

Abandon(ship) Horse

I knew it was going to be a doosey for rain and wind today...but the "Intrepid Riders" will not be hindered from the trails! This is what it looked like driving in.........

Soggy Doggy! A cutie dog owned by my field neighbor w/ two horses



Other soggy horses that are in a field behind my Trailer AKA -outdoor tack room.

We got a little ahead of our trailriding friend and were too early, and waited outside under this tree with these horses.....but...ended up untacking and I returned her to the Run in Stall to dry out with the cooler on.

My mare rain soaked but now happily eating her snack, to keep warm. Her longer mane with out the Kinky curls of the braids.

We decided that the 45 minute outdoor wait to go riding was too long and too cold... and only after -the mare and I went down to the trail head and she had the The Biggest Freak Out since I have been riding her...I think someone relocated the Loch Ness Monster into the small pond on the property I was attempting to ride by.
I almost couldn't stop her from running all the way back up to the barn! I did manage to contain her to a beautiful Piaffe...but only going towards the stable! She really acted as though some Yeti was awaiting her if I tried to turn her around.

The only thing worse, as my husband says, (he's sitting right here watching me name all the Monsters I can think of), would be if "Jake the Alligator man" showed himself on the shoreline of the pond! ( Okay...for those of you that don't realise how hard you can laugh it up over someting kinda silly...PLEASE do click on JAKE"S NAME above)
It was all fear and it did not appear to be bad behaviour because of the Crap weather. I went with her on this one because..I was cold too!

Steaming horse sauna!

She is Happy to be undercover!!

I put a brand New medium weight Blanket on her tonight...the other was too wet .

I am Happy to be here typing in the warm, awaiting my burger and Onion Rings from Mikes...just up the road.
Tomorrow is another day...and it will be a muddy mess ...We are diving in!More on that later.


  1. Yuck. Poor critters out in the cold rain. They don't look to happy about the situation. Good for you for staying with your horse (literally) when it took off with you.

    Thanks for stopping by my place for a visit. You're always welcome.


  2. OMG!!! I just read your post below, and must tell you that you are one brave woman!!! I can just picture you and Wa standing down a crazed dirt!!!

    We had lots of nasty rain today too, and it was about 40 degrees down here. We ended up going and playing in the snow, and we had a great, albeit cold time!!!

    Sorry that Nessie was after you today!!!

  3. Thanks Carolyn, How did you name your Blog?

    Mellie, you should go to the link I made for of all people, I want to now if you like?! I think Bruce needs to halp me with my blog stuff more often! I laughed more doing this than any other one!

  4. LOL!!! I went and checked out Jake!!! I didn't realize he was the creep show from Long Beach!!

    If he crawled out of the pond, Wa would certainly have a reason to be scared (your hubby us too funny!).

    About riding sister and I always head down to the NW Horse Expo in Albany each year. Maybe we will be able to meet up then? I'll have to keep you posted. (It is usually the end of March)

  5. Dandy Plan my dear..what fun to spend time at the Expo!

  6. You are so didicated! It's the riders like you that come to spring ready for anything!

  7. Yeeucky!! I'm much more of a fair weather rider myself...don't like rain and mud. You are certainly dedicated...or nuts!! hee hee :)
    (both??) As for the bikers - would you have whacked em with your stick??
    Thank you so much for all your help with my little problem - a whole post for little ole me??? I'm sure hoping I can make it work. If not...y'all just need to kick me!!

  8. Lorie, well, I was getting despirate for the bikers to stop befor they actuall ran into me..they truly were only looking 2 feet in front of themselves going all squirly and such making my mare go all squeirly and the big brantch was to toss in front of them before (maybe on them)..I don;t I said, I was really despirate for them not to run us down!

    Well, actually that little post led someone else to write and and she is close in Cool!
    But yea, anything for you!


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