Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This is a new word I just made up after visiting my friend DP, and her two steeds .
My mares have been super tired lately... not at all alarmingly so... just pleasantly dozy.
Must be the taxing on them with the weather outside , where they live , keeping their bodies warm during the overnight freezes in the teens and howling winds making it about 10 degrees. Having to sip Icy water, in small doses. I am sure the lack of movement too has an effect.

I free lunged them together in the arena yesterday, after the owner had done all the other horses.
With an unexpected freeze of the stables water outside for them and the mud is hard and peaked, that all are in,while it is inclement like this! Except mine and 3 others, that live with Run in Stalls.

They were too funny running around...Pantz has not been inside for about month,
Washashe was so good to come to me, as I signalled her...even though her OTHER lead mare was circling her!

And after the indoor session of exuberance...back to this...just grabbing a "Laxin' attitude" in the brief moment of sun. She must have known, it was not to last for long~


  1. My nephews like the word "chillaxin'" so I will tell them about just "laxin'" when they come to visit after Christmas.

    Pantz looks like she wants to get out into the great wide open. Wa is such a beautiful girl. After feeding tonight mine got some ants in their cold pants and went whipping around the paddock in the snow at high speed. Glad they have crusher dust under there!

  2. Ohhh, the top picture is beautiful!

    ionsot: when you're drunk on positively or negatively charged alcohol.

  3. My guy has been really tired lately, too. I think it does have something to do with the weather. He's got blankies, warm water and all you can eat hay, but I think it still takes it out of them! I've been turning mine out, if only for just five hours per day. I don't know that he's loving it, but I know he'll lose his mind being stuck in a stall day in and day out. I just tell him that I know what's best. LOL!

    Stay warm!

  4. She does look so sleepy:-) Cute winter pics. She says save me from that crazy spotted thing:-o :-)

  5. Hey there girl, watching your video just now and listening to you speak softly to your girl had my eyes getting all droopy and feeling very "laxed" too. There's just something so soft and nice about connecting with your horse, I love it. Thank you soooo very much for your kind words to me the other day. That was a hard day for me and your sweet sentiments I will hold close to my heart. Bless you my little friend. You have a kind and loving soul and I am so thankful for you. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know that I am going to keep you in my prayers. You are a blessing to me - thanks.
    Give those horsies a big old smooch on their fuzzy noses for me ok? Bye KK from LL

  6. Hahahahahahahahha! Funder! it the word one must type for verification game?!
    Mine is "griestr" = A minister with a grievance"...

    Dp. that is to cute that your Nephews have that word!
    Yea...the penned up bolting was pretty fun today..and mine are even outsied...the stalled horses did not run as much even!

    Hay Lo..brigjones!
    huh...just a cold reaction I guess
    mine ARE outside and they maybe have too much hay to was piled so high in the stall
    today..think the owner had her son do it and he did it way too much!

    Denise..isn't Pantz funny...when I have Wa's attentions she tries for them too!

    Okay LL, I will rub on the noses for you dear!

  7. I really like the snoozy close up shot of your horse's eye.

    Thank you for your truly kind words over at my place today. My 'meeting' went well. We laughed and had a good time together. It was fun. It feels good to have made it out of the desert.


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