Monday, December 15, 2008

Humming a silly tune while on a snowy trailride


  1. Getting in the Christmas spirit, aren't you?
    How in the world do you find time to ride, I want to know the secret.

  2. HELLO there Gail...yep...the day it snowed was so gorgeous!
    I absolutely could not wait to get to the stable to see my mare in the snow..I never had before.
    She was hilarious that day nibbling it curiously so and walking around looking at all her surroundings.
    The ride was funny as well...we had new whitish trails and we spotted the ABOMINABLE SNOW BOULDER

    Secret you ask??!!
    Being Crazy intrepid-and also project "Christmas in the Black"... otherwise deemed "Black Christmas" Matieral pun- totally intended!
    This entails no/none/zero, extra shopping this year, which frees tons of time up and allows a certain wonderful Christmas joy to experience.
    A lovely gift to the intended!

  3. Oh I wish I could ride more. Living in Portland makes it difficult to get out to the barn in the snow. One day I 'll live in the country!

  4. Hah!!! Love it!!!! It makes me want to join you on that snowy trail ride! :)

  5. Snow! How exciting, and beautiful video too :)

  6. Hello there girls...I wish you ALL could have joined me and we could hummm and hummm and laugh in the wintery white!

    Yea...I am a city Mouse Adrenne!

  7. I admit, I'd love to ride my very own horse in the snow. I grew up in Ohio and Pa and have ridden many times in snowy weather...more than I'd like actually! I was the oldest on our farm and did the chores 2x day in sub zero weather in OH, so I think I am forever turned off to COLD. But riding Jackson (my fist "adult" horse)in the snow, just once, would be neat. But Texas is A OK with me! While you guys are freezing off your tushes, I get to ride in 50-70 degree weather...But it has been cold the past few days...:/ I enjoyed your little video---I will live vicariously and pretend that was Jacks and I! GRIN...

  8. YOU are so cute and Sweet Jacksonsgrrl!!
    I adore your stories and feel the heat from here as you sit in Texas!

  9. I'd LOVE to ride in the snow (alas there is no snow in Niger) but I don't think our girls would like it! Right now, they think it's cold, so they're HUNGRY and want to spend all their days eating sorghum flour and bran... :-D

    Greetings from Niger!

  10. I can't click on your vid cuz I have a raging headache right now, but OMG I'm so jealous of your wintery snow trail ride, how fun and beautiful.

  11. Esther!
    Hay...ya, I bet they think it's cold...everyone I knew there thought it was cold at 65!

    D, sorry for the ache in your head today! Almost went today to with the owner...tho9ugh it was rqacing winter there at 1300 feet...down in my town, jsut 15 miles away, it was clear sailing on the roads and my clients did not cancel tonight! DARN!! I will be out there Sat though..maybe again then. She should be a Horrendous Horese by then...6 days no ride...well..if you say the lates see what I mean!


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