Saturday, December 20, 2008

White Out

Today , we had the continuation of what the Locals are calling "The Arctic Blast" of a storm.
Nora, pictured here with Velvet, we had decided last night to venture into the latest episode of snow to get to the stable . She had not Seen her leased mare since last Saturday. Then it all dumped on us and I and only three other brave souls had made it out of our warm and safe homes to help tend to the horses.

It has been a tiresome, full on, endless work.
So then I set to my own personal duties of Mucking the two stalls out. I had not been there the day before and knew it would be
a bit more than normal...but, I couldn't imagine that it would take me FOUR wheel barrel loads!! It never has been that much in 7 mo I have been there!

My freind and I had talked about how- not many of the boarders will ever really know what it's like...they have not been able to get to the stable. But us few that have-whew-' helping out takes the whole day and it lends itself to a GREAT APPRECIATION for the massive responsibility it is to have care of 17 horses!

I let my mares be out together, once I gave them their customary "Beet Pulp" ration
that I have been doing for extra moisture in the hind gut. They always trade paddocks immediately so. Pantz is seen here in Wa's upper field, and Wa is down near the

I think that the extra hay that got laid on the ground in the stalls, instead of put into the hay racks messed me up by filling the barrel fast! I felt bad for the waste.
It took me forever to walk them to the poo pile in back of the stable, for the snow was quite deep most places the Quad had not packed it down. It NEVER did quit coming down on us, all the day long either!

My four piles of POO( I think of Mike Rowe)

I am so glad that I let the mares in with each other today! They were so cute standing along side of each other when I got back from the dumping zone.

It all starts again tomorrow....
Bruce got called into the Health care facility for the day shift, instead of the swing(which starts at 6am)- so I will take him up to the top of the hill, since I have been driving this stuff and he has not..then I may as well go onto the Stable to begin the day feeding and mucking and turning out the stall bound horses into the arena , for the 7Th time in a row.
Good day to you all... hope your Christmas season is brught!
I have "double whammie" of Good News for you all tomorrow!


  1. I can't believe this "Blast". I am so sad I have not been able to get out to the barn. It is 30 miles for me to travel and I have had to work and be confused by what the weather may do. Tonight is crazy. That is so great you are out taking care of things. I wish I could be helping out at my barn instead of watching movies and going to work. you are awesome! I love the pics!!!

  2. Hello sweet Adrienne!
    Wondered how you were doing...
    yea, Nora and I discussed the fact we are the closest to the stable..on 11 miles away. So it is very very understandable that longer distances get in the way...people were very nutty drivers today..more today than usual. It was scarey sometimes!
    Gald you like the pics...I wa shoping that they would be possitve affecting for everyone!
    I have so many more!

  3. Same story here. I cannot imagine looking after 17 horses in the these conditions -- 2 is hard enough. You must board at a great place. I also had 48 hours of poop to deal with this morning and it also took me four loads -- the frozen stuff doesn't pack down too well. Moving a wheelbarrow through the snow is the least likable aspect of this weather for me. Good luck tomorrow it! The weather is fierce here tonight.

  4. Dedicated horse lover, I salute you! Most boarders do not work so hard, just go to ride.
    The weather is tough but you handled it quite well.
    You get a Klondike Bar!

  5. I can understand what you're saying, we had a boarding business a few years ago. I'm sure the owners appreciate your help.
    It's a lot more work in the winter time. Hope this weather clears up soon, I'm sort of getting sick of it. Have a great Christmas.

  6. Beautiful pictures! Are you totally sick of the snow yet?

    nemou: Everybody's favorite clownfish goes to college!

  7. Great that you can help out. Sometimes it feels good to move beyond the client role into on of a member of a community. Weather can do that.

    People I know who are NOT horsepeople and thing bad weather is just wet dog feet after the walks on the sidewalk have no idea of our mud! For them, it is just a more confined existance and an umbrella. For horsemen, it is a lot of work!

    Janow, however, finds it very refreshing! He loves the cold!

    unpewa-when women exit the pew. Repewa-when they sit down again. Unpewo, when men exit the pew.

  8. DP
    yea...tough and rough stuff...I am about to post what happend @ 6am today as I was going to take my man to work....Not nice .HANG IN YOU!

    HAHA GAIL! I see that comercial in my minds eye now,for the candy bar!
    Well, I am a mother(of a horse) and I worry sometimes

    Har! Funder..I am having fun with the words!
    TODAY..I am sick of it casue I am stuck with what they are calling "Glaze" sweet name for ICE!

    Grey Horse, Yes, I think they do like some help. I so appreciate them!THAW -THAW-THAW!!! Merry, Merry Christmas to you too~

    That is a goodie word there Cara,
    It is amazing since I have had my mare...I now think of weather as forboding a health issue times.
    Glad your lovely horse likes it!

    INESTL = when birds "Snuggle" in the nest

  9. Awww, they look so cute in their blankets in all the snow!

  10. Three cheers for boarding stable owners, managers, and crews!!! Not to mention the boarders who can schlep out to assist.

    I haven't seen my pony for over a week now, but feel confident in the care he's receiving. So far the automatic waterers are working, but all stalls are provided with buckets just in case. And Phantom wearing his puffy jammies, too.

  11. Whah! I love all your snow pics! I want some of my own, it looks like so much fun! :-) Love the pic of you standing between them, great shot.


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