Saturday, December 13, 2008

December Bright

See this...It is the SUNSHINE in my eyes while driving from my lesson, that was also in the Sun as well!! It has kept me sleeping at night and therefore NOT having a mental breakdown this winter. I have S.A.D. and having the Bright December so far, has Kept My Spirits Bright As well!!!!
By the way=all I found out with the "Whorl" investigation is that a Double is to be welcomed on a horse and it may lead to her being a bit cautious concerning obstacles approached. Okay...noted.

These Cavallettis are what we worked over in this weeks lesson. Wa mare seemed to really accept all that we introduced last week with balance , and we moved onto doing more this day, by adding more diverse weights into the stirrups as I posted..weight the right stirrup for 3 strides, then the left. I also worked on straightness by counter bending her . That was really successful! I have a problem coming into the open side and keeping her shoulder from bulging out, as she REALLY wants to break the circle and go somewhere else!

We added a sitting trot to the mix every three strides . That really helped with the downward transition to walk...she tends to suck up and be on the forehand. Breaking it up before I ask for the walk with sitting then rising...does not allow Wa to focus only on me sitting but to keep moving forward into what is asked next.
ONLY need about 100 more repetitions of them, to really get it!
These jumps , below, are what we look forward to maneuvering later in the lesson plans, as we progress......

Happy contented mare...with her equally contented girl, nearby. Horse and Rider, wistfully looking on after a nice Bright December's lesson~


  1. Doesn't God make such lovely art?

  2. Such a beautiful horse! I have SAD too, but its been gray for 2 months...eeeeecccckkkk!

  3. Sounds like a fun lesson. You can learn so much with just poles on the ground.

  4. Aww, Wa is SO photogenic!

  5. I love your new header and your new saying that goes along with it! :)

    I wish that I was able to take lessons again. Right now, my duaghter does, but my day will come again. Like the Fenix, I will!!!

  6. Haha Mellie! Yes you will !!In good time, it'll come!
    Thanks for the mention on the header and the saying.It came from a book my sissy gave me to read..gonna start it now: "Horse Sense and the Human Heart". Two married Ph.D.'s wrote it.

    I Rather think Wa likes her photo taken Stacy, it is funny too!

    Yep Cara...We are having fun in the outdoor lessons..dunno know about next time now that the weather is nasty-cold.

    KyFarm,I have lights from "Applo health".. they make them for NASA. It does help to do into the winter mo.You should look into it and not go crazy this winter!

    Yeppers Gail...God does amazing things!

  7. Wow, that sunrise shot surely looks like home! (It ought to -- I'm from Dundee originally.) ;-)

  8. There isn't much better than a good lesson! Makes you feel so accomplished and happy. It always puts me in the best mood!


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