Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Spaces

I am a hairdresser in A fabulous salon that I have been able to work in for 12 years now, out of my 21.
Until recently, My husband whom I met in Beauty School,
worked there with me. He now has started his Nursing assistance Program locally and takes his State Board This Saturday!! ooouu!!!

Back to the salon....

We always decorated the Work Spaces kinda naturally so..greens some lights and a few ornaments. And he has a large Nut cracker collection being a percussionist for The Military Band At Fort Vancouver, he likes the military "drumming" Nutcrackers.
We shared a station until last Monday....Today, I got creative on my Greens and a few CHOICE ornaments!!! Like Em??

Which one is YOUR favorite??

Can you Guess WHICH is my favorite??

It was Very different to decorate WITHOUT My man there...specially with an Equine theme, today. He may have warned me, "now that's a bit over the top " or something..
I miss his presence really, having worked together these past 17 years.(5 at previous salon)

Well, for now, there is one special decoration that will keep true to our past theme... I will treasure it really and think of my sweet!


  1. Mine is definitely the jumper ornament!!!!!!!!! Way cool!

  2. It is between the prancing paint and the cowgirl. Love them all!

  3. I like the cowgirl but i really love the sidesaddle woman. VERY classy!

  4. Hey there! Thanks for your reply to my comment! No one really knows me yet so I try to post comments to blogs I like and say hello. We do have a lot in common! Too dang bad I live in Texas! Hmmm. Hairdresser? I need a cut! :) Info. on the competitive trailriding can be found at: The Faq/Rules will tell you exactly what it entails. They probably have something similar where you live! My favorite ornament is the jumper of course! Sorry to hear about your friend no longer being there! I noticed the tribunal nutcracker at your workstation!

  5. Hey girl!! Sorry that you're losing your work pardner, but at least you still get to snuggle up at night :). Please tell him congratulations for me!! That's definitely a big accomplishment - and we need nurses! Your decorated station is very nice. I like lots of your ornaments, but the cowgirl and the Believe one are my personal favs. Love you, my little friend!! Hairdresser huh?? So, you really do know how to give pedicures...

  6. What a sweet tribute to your honey!!! Good luck to him on his boards! :)

    I love all of your horsey ornaments, but the boots and the reining cowgirl really caught my eye!

    Glad that you got your whorl question figured out! :0

  7. Stacey,Jacksonsgrrl,...I am with fav is the Jumping Black horse! Next are the BOOTs mellie, and thirdly is the Dressage gal riding sidesaddle, Sernea!

    Yeppers C-ing, I( do know how to give a mean Pedi!You remembered that comment from way back when...I meant it!
    That Cowgirl has a fantasitc leg and nice posture Gail and C-ing...the paint looks as though it is doing a Lippanzer move!

    Yes the Tribunal Cowboy nutcracker-that made me chuckle(had to look it up) is thee for B-man...I think of him my absent hubby.

  8. Oh that is very lovely :) My favorite ornament is the Riding Boots :)
    Have a Blessed Evening,

  9. I need more horsey ornaments. I love the jumper! I have one on my tree I made with shrinky dink material I bought at a craft store. The others are small horse figurines I tied ribbons around. I love the holidays!

  10. HI there Sharon!

    if you go to Micheal's Craft...Julie with Maddy= gets these realy cute "cut out" horses and makes stall could paint them any color you wish ...great Ornaments they could become, I am thinking!
    How ya doing now?

  11. I don't know about your favorite, but I love the framed sketch! I love the way you decorate. It's so festive! I don't know if we're going to decorate, I don't really want to associate Christmas with the whole baby thing, so we'll probably keep it low key this year.

  12. Sweet holiday space! I would have to say the cowgirl is my favorite one. I have many horsie of these years they are going to get their very own tree.

  13. Good grief...I feel like a blog!!! I just nominated you for the Superior Scribbler Award, and I had to keep coming back for your site address. (The color is off on my post for some reason!)

  14. Jester J
    Thanks for the compliment..I LOVE to decorate!
    Maybe just have a doggie Wreath/tree to clebrate your new addition comming in that direction!! A special Ornament devoted to the breed of dog you choose!Add your sweet Sophie mare too!

    Thanks Jenn, Yea..this year I really do like the's all new since my husband moved into it last mo to save $ from having 2 when he was getting out of now, it is all different and new to me...I like it.

    Mellie..good thing I turned of my Live feed monitior huh! You B.S.!!! (blog stalker!)

  15. Love the sidesaddle picture and the jumping horse!

    One year our riding club decorated a tree at the zoo with horses and horse-related ornaments for the annual Zoo Lights celebration. We had a blast.

  16. Oregon E,
    Hello again..glad to see you!
    Are you healed up?
    I love that saddle gal too!

  17. Hi! My wrist is officially healed and practically back at full strength.
    It was 10-15 years ago when we decorated the tree at the zoo. I boarded my mare at a hunter-jumper barn in Beavercreek at the time. Their hunt club is ongoing with in-barn competitions and year-end awards.
    My gelding is boarded in the Canby area. Always seems colder there than in the burbs, and too far to drive on iffy roads. The horses are reportedly snug as bugs in their rugs today.

  18. Glad to hear you are good now OE!!

    Ya,warm here...just trying to keep the horses hydrated!

  19. Well, I like the boots best! Dunno why, except that maybe because it's so different! I also like the Sidesaddle Lady and the Cowgirl too. Where'd you find them all?

  20. Cool ornaments, Many of which I have never seen. Funny, I put mine up on my blog today. Needed something light.

    Merry Horsemans!

    Talitu: a tattoo of your horses tail.

  21. Well hello to you Fantastyk..glad to have you Voyage on over to AHS!
    Will have a trek to you too soon~

    >I recieved the Dressage sidesaddle Lady and the Jumping Black horse(they came from A Hallmark store)=from a perceptive girlfriend 3 years before I was re-intorduced to riding again.
    >The Boots I found at a tack store a few years ago along with the "Fatty Bay horse".

    >The Believe, Paint rearing horse and Cowgirl-with great leg postion!- all came from Fred Meyer this year.

    Hay Slave, You are Stacey's friend ! I read of you there and see your comments.
    The Word descriptions are funny..are they your take on the silly words we have to type for addmittance on leaving comments?!!

    Merry~Merry to you too!!

  22. Love the boots and especially the cowgirl - even her stirrups are shiny and bright! What a great idea - and NOTHING is ever over the top at Christmas! Have a merry one & the best to your husband on his Boards.


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