Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Question for all

What talk or writing is there of "Double Whorls"? * I stand corrected!*
Can anyone expound on this subject?


  1. My understanding is that they are the equivalent of our cowlicks! So while you or I would consider this quite undesirable on our own heads(mine tends to stick up or look funky at times) it is super cute on a horses face! Jackson has one on his face too, not sure about a double. Your horse is just doubly lucky! I am new to the blogroll, my name is Mindy and I live in Texas! Check out my blog, I need some peeps!

  2. There are lots and lots and lots of speculation about the meanings of different whorls on horses, whether double, on the left, on the right, which direction the whorl whorls and where the whorls are.

    Some fun links with more whorl info:




  3. Wow..thanks Jann...will check that on out. We had an article on the info board at the stable for a bit...but I really hadnet noticed that she had two till recently.
    I thought she was dirty as it looks like dirt. the one next to it is white hairs right doen to the head.

    Welcome Mindy!! Be over soon! I like double lucky!!

  4. OH>>>SPELL CK<<< JENN!

  5. Hmmm, a very good question my dear...not sure about the double whorls, but my hubby swears that a single whorl dead-center between the eyes means a super duper smart horse!! I'll have to ask him and see what he thinks of the double. I too, like the double lucky!!
    And, I have a suggestion for the mucking and trucking in the dark for you from your last post. I got this way cool baseball cap with LED lights in the front!!! I just love it - and the battery is replaceable. I can't remember how much the regular price is, but I got mine on sale for $12.50. A true bargain!! LL Bean baby - check them out!!

  6. Oh this I will do...the lantern is going to be left in the stall this winter..till I can get a good, more exspensive "Solar" one..cause my6 sisy is taking her normal handles wheel barrel with Pantz...am gonna get a nicer one and it won't have handles like the old one to loop the lantern on. LL Bean, K!

  7. Temple Grandin (totally amazing animal behaviorist) would say that a spiral whorl above the eyes indicates a flightier animal. Here's a fairly short article, written by her, which mentions whorls (at the very bottom).

    "The way I see it"

  8. I have read some on whorls on horses. Supposedly, the more whorls, the worse the character is. I can say mine have from one to many and they are all wonderful horses.

  9. Thanks so much Funder and and Gail..gonna check out Jenn's web spots now!

  10. I read a scientific article recently about how old wives tales about whorls turned out to be pretty accurate. I will try to dig it out of my history. Raven has double whorls right between the eyes -- so cute!

    verification word = trieded. Sounds like lolspeak for tried.

  11. Oh...maybe Jenn got it already on the second link down.


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