Monday, December 22, 2008

News from the "galloping horse"

I was awoken by the sound of my phone this am around 7:30.

The stable owner had called to say they had been without power and to pray-pray-pray. NO-ONE could get out with the 20+ inches of snow and they needed more water for the horses, since the pump house was frozen again. It has been since last weekend that most of boarders were there. Seems most of the stable's boarders live in Portalnd proper, some 25 miles away, and suppliments are out.
I was assured that my mares had water...yesterday, before the power went out, they had removed the slushy ice and refilled the troughs. My mares and 3 others are the only "Pasture boarded" horses there. So while I am very happy they get to move around...they have outdoor water that freezes, in our 20 degree - weather. The owners and crew, have been checking the outdoor horses water troughs 3-4 times a day, admist all the other duites they normally have and all the newly cropping up ordeals.
I LOVE THEM SO MUCH for the peace of mind I derrive, not just in knowing that they do all they can, BUT>> Hearing from them<< !!! I was told that today, my mares would come into the barn for a break....I kinda thought maybe it would not happen, since there was so darned much to handle and do. At 4pm today, AGAIN, the Galloping Horse called me to say, " we have power again, got the buckets all filled inside...your mares spend 45 minutes romping and happy in the arena." They even had to plow the gate open with the heavy machinery! I am singing Praises ,and thanking GOD for them! They have been more than business..they have been family!

Last night at 11pm, I went to meet my man up the Oregon City hill on 5Th Avenue. We walked home together in the Wintry night after his double shift. He was in good spirits and it was nice to debrief while walking. Took some nighttime snowy pics.

We made it home in good time last eve and I snapped one..showing our "cat fence in" with ice.
This morning it was snowing so hard, it really was beautiful. Though things were dicey at the stable..all I could do was pray and be thankful for the Stable owners doing all they could to ensure our horses comfort, safety and food...the 3 things they care about most in the world!
Starting here, from our sidewalk in front of the house...the days pics. As my man and I walked him to the next wave of work..maybe even another double.ooou. Colorful homes in our neighborhood and porches and benches and chairs; once occupied in spring and summertime conditions. I also happened upon some lovley birds that found a meal of winter-apples, still on the tree's brantches. God takes care of His creation!
AND>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>we saw SANTA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Santa was helpful in diverting us from the danger of a downed powerlines, from a tree that had fallen. It's roots, as we passed safely, from above the damage. The trees are all heavy laden from ice then snow on top of that.


  1. WOW! What a storm! Glad you guys are all ok! You're very lucky for your AWESOME barn!!!!!
    Cool pics!
    I wonder if Klein remembers what snow is?

  2. the birds are picking our apple trees clean too. I cant wait for all this to quiet down and melt, albeit slowly so we dont flood too.

    Sounds like you have a great place to board, with really caring owners! That can be a rare thing to find.

  3. Yea Stace..tis the season!

    I am very pleased with the output and consideration we have recieved...and the owner is supposed to have surgery for a large tumor in her body that is making her was to be last Weds..I was to help Wed+Thurs and
    then this all came about and she cancelled the surgery due to weather. I would love to see Klein in the snow!

    Yes Redd...please no flooding..slowly melting is our prayer. We also have a grape vine the birds are happily eating...I love to hear them!

  4. Beautiful photos! Bad storm!
    Glad you are ok.

  5. Man that is a lot of snow:-o I love all your pics they are so pretty. LMAO at Santa, he doesn't look very happy.

  6. I want to board where you board!

    If you have access to an electrical outlet, you can get a heater for your trough. They are around $30. You won't use it much in OR, but it'll be nice to have around if you need it, especially if you are pasture boarding. I'd get one, but there are very few outlets at my barn and everyone would fight over it. The barn managers' horses get one and the "barn" gets one so that if the water is running they can fill up a trough and it'll keep overnight to stretch out having available water. We dip from it. However, after this year I'm keeping my eyes open at sales and such and getting one just to have it around in case I ever need it!

    Take care -- stay warm!

  7. GAIL-It has been pretty bad..have to admit. We have not lost power at our hoome, though 40 or 50 thousand have around the area.
    We are okay!! Praying for the others and PGE is working day and night...

    B.Jones- wish I could get one of those heaters for the water troughs!The other pasture boarder and I discussed it with the owner and there is not the correct source for wattage there(need higher than 15 volt plug) and the kind of extension cord(s) to get to the areas...are about $30-$50 bucknics as are 3 watering troughs!
    It was not a planned area as they did not intend on boarders was because the market dropped out and they are in construction needed the $$$ for the 2 acres.

    TRIES = this word veri word is exactly what it is!

  8. D w/ Less..y.ea we had major DUMPAGE!!!
    Santa was happy- he just was in shock to be grounded...but thought we needed some help to stay safe from the power lines. If it wern't for him, my husband may have been a goner...he thought he would just walk on through the downed-tree-mess. Santa was Heaven sent!!!
    NONGSPL = NON Going anywhere with out a Snow Plow!

  9. Santa saved your lives!!! Wow...
    That is freaky but very, very cool!
    Kacy, there really is a Santa Claus!

  10. Wow. I can't recall ever seeing that much snow in the Willamette Valley! Oregon City has perfect houses for it, though -- so pretty. I love the photo taken through the gate!

  11. You have some major snow up there! Wow, it sure is beautiful, but I bet it is brrrr....cold!!! I love all of your photos. So nice that you board your horse at such a caring place.

    Pray that you don't loose power.

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Down here in Keizer. We've got snow with a lovely ice build up underneath. I can't get to my boarding barn either as there's only one bridge across the river (and I'm on the opposite side from him), but I know my Casey is well!

    Those are some lovely pics you've taken! I'm too lazy to go out and take any pics. Or maybe it's just so "old hat" to me from living in Alaska for so long that I'm unaffected by it. Who knows?

  13. Thanks Tara and Tamara... wish I had a real camera...someday!!! this little digital jobber is limited, but I do what I can with it!
    It's a freak here with the amount of dumpage of white..they are trying a bit harder now to dig us out with a warmer break today...still had to walk my man to work...but by the time I came back down the hill. the crews had plowed and rocked the road and it looked EXACTLY like my "cookies and Cream" ice cream in the freezer!

  14. Oh...Oregon, love your hores name!Tee hee!
    I really hate not being able to get there..but trust since I have no-news's good there.

    Yea..Alaska, this is a drop in the bucket...but with a thrilly hilly differance, I am told by my pature board neighbor, from Alaska too!
    Thanks for leaving me some nice words!

  15. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the well wishes too, come back anytime! The snow pictures are beautiful, and I love your house :)
    Glad your horses are being well cared for.
    I have to tell you I love your kitty cats mom's name is Elsie too!
    Merry Christmas,

  16. Wow! That's pretty good care from a boarding barn. You and your horses are lucky.

    I'm with you on this weather. The white stuff is pretty to look at but sure does reek havoc on our lives. I'm ready for spring.

    Hope you have great holidays!

  17. Tracey hello!
    Nov 2nd posting is all about Elsie Button Boo! How she got her name.
    Say hello to your mom!
    MERRY, Blessed, Chrsitmas to you!

    R Rainbow,
    yea , I am not one to complain a bunch on is what it is. BUT. SPRING-SPRING-SPRING PRING...bring er-on baby!!!
    Blessed Holiday to you!

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