Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bye Bye Pantz

My sister came and retrieved her mare Pantz yesterday. She had to bring her to the Portland area last January 2008 to board with me, as her private barn had sold. She got 20 days notice...and at the Oregon coast, there is not too much going on in the way of boarding stables!

These are some of the memories I have of the Appaloosa Pantz, that stole my heart.

The mares Pantz & Wa reunited, after being separated for a year, when my sister brought Washashe to me in 2004
Pantz frequently would show off her Yoga moves to acquire what looked better to her~

Pantz always took care of my best friends that would ride my "second horse"..........

I adored my fall rides with this Pantz..just her and I and the colors of our world. She would check in with me if I took a little too long, making her stand!

Bye bye~dear Pantz I have loved you whole hearted...and you sweet mare, have loved me in return~


  1. What a lovely mare! I had to smile when you wrote about friends enjoying your "second" mare; had that with Sahara when Anette was in Sweden for five months. Now I enjoy riding with Sahara & Anette though! Lol, I rode by myself for years and years, but now that I'm used to company, I don't want to be without anymore!

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Yea...too bad I couldn't really afford to keep Pantz...ot I would have!!!

  3. What a beautiful girl. How sad you must be that she has left but the time you had with her sounded wonderful.

  4. Oh! You have some lovely memories! Maybe you and Wa will get over to the coast so ya'll can ride together again?

  5. Yes M Woman, she gave me great times and always was so sure footed...will miss that as my mare is not so...but she will go anywhere I point her, and Pantz would protest and that was that...very stubborn she was!

    Ah yes Sunshine, can meet up with her at the coast..good call, and may take her to some clinics, that my sissy's stable apparently has many of, with Calif folks.


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