Friday, December 26, 2008

The Story behind the picture MEME TAG

You always hope for a good shot or a hilarious pic or just something you'd like to talk about here, when participating in this fun photo meme game.
I think this photo is perfect for what is about to transpire in my neck of the woods with the two mares I care for, within days.

This is a picture was taken from atop my mare Washashe while my sister and I went on a spring ride 2008. Wa was so in her mare-season..she would hardly walk and would frequently stop to lick or kiss Pantz! She is going in for another kiss now!
Washsahse is on the left, Pantz on the right. For those who are unaware of the circumstances of me having two horses...I don't. Last year when my sister's boarding facility, a small private job, closed with 20 days notice..there was NO-WHERE to find boarding where Pantz lived at the Oregon Coast. My sister desperate , turned to me .Pantz came to live with her best mare friend Washashe, and her girl, me!

As of Monday(if the snow clears) My sissy is taking her horsey back.
A place, the only public boarding facility there within 100 miles in fact, has a stall finally.

A Bitter sweet picture.

This fun little photo game I picked it up from Melanie at "The Knutson Family" She invited all who wanted to participate, to do so... So, I am doing so...but.... I will return to the regular format of the game to get to know some new folks around this boggerville township.
The rules are:
1) Go to your picture folder, or wherever you store your photos on your computer
2) Go to the sixth folder and pick the sixth picture
3) Post it on your blog and tell the story that goes along with the picture
4) Tag five friends to do the same thing, and leave a message on their blog that they have been tagged~
I hearby TAG:

Keri ,my very ~very talented and horseloving freind here in bloggerville.

Rachel, a gal who has endeared me with her familylife, love of horses and also her creative eye.

ROXIE, she's a neat horse that has her own blogspot...truly adorable.

Kimberly, over at "Creative Eye Studio's" lovely wares and a truly gifted gal!

Tamara of In the Night Farm
Tamera's Total passion for her horses and cooking have delighted me as well as her fantastic views through the camera lense!




  1. JUST IN CASE you too encountered a problem with connection to the blog links...let me know please,

  2. Too cute. Does Pantz return such affections when she is in season? Poor Wa will be so sad when she goes.

    unterbou: a boo boo on the nether regions

  3. Hi DP!
    Well..she does not with the wa so much...but she gets more "charitable in attitude" towards all others. It does not last long though and she is back to normal ears pinned and teeth bared!
    I am going to put a pic on the side bar to show it...she looks like a donkey or mule!

  4. Cute pic! How's the weather? Have you been able to get out and see your horse? It was so warm yesterday here, I told my friends about you on your horse singing jingle bells in the snow and they were cracking up! We all three are from up north--Boston, Michigan and Pa and we all agreed we wouldn't mind just ONE jingle bell ride, but we LIKE Texas weather--we get lost more riding time!:)

  5. OOOOHHHH FUN! This post didnt show up for me earlier! So NOW I get what you meant on my blog!!! LOL sometimes ya gotta hit me over the head...Sorry Pantz is leaving...what a bummer, think Wa will miss her? The picture shure looks like it! Okay so I'm gonna go post my MEME TAG PHOTOS! COOOOL

  6. Gotta love mares in the spring!!! LOL!!! Thanks for playing along, Kacy!!

    Glad that your snow is finally melting off too. Of course, now we have a lot of standing water, which means MUD!!! Ick!! :0

  7. I found your blog from your comment on the "I Am Me" blog. I'm always looking for other people who love horses. I enjoyed reading your posts.

  8. Kacy...thanks for coming to my Journal. I love it that your horses have such a great shelter...sounds like perfection. I would love to have you link to my Journal and thanks for the nice words.
    Lori Skoog


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