Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Rule of 3's

It does always seem that if something bad happens, it'll repeat , with other bad things, 2 more times. Rrrr. Have you noticed this occurrence yourself?

Well,- Here is the GOOD NEWS that occurred yesterday when I got home from the snowy stable day...that by the way was harrowing at best, because the windshield wipers froze up and I couldn't see to drive...but was driving! We just had to stop every 2 minutes to break the ice off them, so thy would wipe again!

Anywho~I got home and I saw a nice big ol' Postal box (1)and next to it I saw a fat hand- written -letter(2) and next to that, I saw another piece of paperwork..looking all official. (3) This was a refreshing "Rule of 3's" change for the Positive!
(1)Firstly ..I am thrilled to say I got my reward for discovering "TRAIL RIDING COWGIRl" answers to questions about herself, hidden in plain view inside her ere posted writings.
WOW, I am so excited for the cool, artistic and yummy-for-the-tummy goodies!
Take a look at her generosity to this new acquaintance in a bloggerville friend-ME!
Home made cookies..had to hide from my man...Wood burned frame that says "Girlfriend", I put a pic of Elsie in it for now. A Butterfly box, again burned etching on it's top. Homemade jam...GET THIS= it was made on my birthday, as the date on it's lid tells! and my FAV.."I Love my Horse" sign...still thinkin' on where it'll go!
(2)Second cool occurance...A lovingly hand written post>>A "LETTER"!!!Man..when is the last time you had a hand written letter= with tea bags inside so I could sip as I viewed her thoughts( written on both sides of card and paper?)? My girlfriend that moved is going to get me going on this lost art..I held out giving it up for the longest time till my friends dropped off like flies...(e-mail) need I say more.

(3)Thirdly....My husband got his License for the beginning of his new chosen career path!!!! YEEEE!
So, that was last night...then Bruce got the call about needing to be in at work @ 6am. Neither of us do the wee hours well or functioning..but I told him I'd get up with him to drive him up the hill. he has not gotten out and was nervous to drive.
We woke up to what the local News crews were calling "GLAZE.".fancy word for ICE!
It was over the existing 5-6 inches of snow..making it difficult to walk, and shortly after hauling my Beet Pulp and gear to head to the stable to help out after I took him to work..we found the car wouldn't move.
Okay, he walked and was late but made it. I went back to sleep on the couch(1). Then, I heard the familiar hoof beats and Whinny of my cell phone's ring. It was the Barn manager at the stable this time. She called to say my mare would not eat her food and was weaving at the gate...I got an instant sour stomach. thoughts of the "C" word(2) Then while I was in the bath reading the letter I recieved with a cup the tea sitting there, My husband called to say that he was asked to stay for "A Double shift", and he will have to walk home to me after 11pm! (3)

On a better note to end with...I was so happy with the water at the stable working after they got the power back!! I could fill the tanks and feel great about it when I saw them drinking!

Pantz was so funny when I parked the Wheel barrel before using it...had to check it out multiple times from multiple angles.

Wa mare looking on her snowy scene from cover of her shelter... happy happy to be outside with all the hay she can eat and me to bring her warm beet Pulp mash.
AND...let me tell you all that I called multiple times to get ahold of the barn manager after I asked her to make sure the water was not frozen and to please take some warm Beet Pulp up to my WA...I finally got the Owner and she was completely correct to my understanding of my mare...she felt hemmed in to a small location as the frozen ground kept her relegated to the graveled area...So, I asked them to open the paddocks up to each other for now, during the'll get her moving and Pantz as well...they love to trade spaces!

All is well for the time being friends....I have had the Rule of 3's in both aspects of how you may receive them....I am gonna make some cocoa and watch a Movie now!!!!


  1. Well, the good rules of 3 always outweigh the bad, so it sounds like life has been pretty good for you. Yay! What a relief that Wa didn't end up with colic, too.
    But it sure looks cold where you are. Brr!
    The horses look cozy and warm, though. :)

    Enjoy your goodies and movie and stay warm,
    New Mexico

  2. Thanks Lisa..yea, Good prevails!! life is as good as it gets and making my own attitude adjustments is all I really can control(and my hair!)

  3. What a day! Congrats to your man on his license -- it must have been a huge decision for him to switch careers, and now it has come to fruition. And he chose a recession-proof career.

    Glas to hear that Wa is OK. Ray is exactly the same -- will not eat if she is feeling trapped.

    Enjoy your movie. We have the house down to 14C because we are running low on propane and the truck won't be able to get up our snowy hill any time soon. I will be reading in bed this evening with the electric mattress pad.

    riderhit: not good!

  4. Oh, K I am so glad the goodies arrived in time for Christmas. I am glad you like them! Enjoy and congrats to your hubby on his new adventure.

  5. Wow, you have had a day! Glad the horse is ok, sometimes I think they get bored.
    Wonderful package, a license and a letter! USPS is getting that good stuff through...

  6. WOW so wonderful to hear good news! What a fun goodie package you recieved, lovely work on the wood! Great news is so wonderful, seems there is too much bad news all the time! So gald it wasnt collic....scary I'm sure....but you know horses they can be finiky sometimes. I'm also glad I'm not the only one freezing! BRRRRRR windchill has it in the single digits tonight....I HATE winter! LOL have a great day!

  7. So they all say DP,
    It is almost the first thing out of all we know's mouth...aside from how good he'd be at caregving.
    Ity is true...I hear the stories when he comes home at late night...he loves people.
    I feel badly that I couldn't get out to see Wa...and I must trust someone else. Got ya on the heating situation too..power keeps flickering...lots of BIG OL' TREES laden with ice and snow!

    Thankyou Carolyn!! I do love al my goodies...cookies are now gone as of being locked in a house with them all day!I think I am going to hang my lovly sign on my locker at the stable and use the box for homeopathics for Wa.

    Oh yea Gail ..they have been so good to bring me joy!

    KY, sorry to hear of the colder temps there for you! We seem to have warmed up to snow and another 3 inches UPON the ice ...think I am going to brave it and walk up the hill to meet my man @ 10pm...wish I had cleats!

  8. Sounds like a pretty good day other than the cold weather. What a nice gift to receive in the mail! The art of letterwriting is something that needs to come back!

  9. P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    You have some lovely horse photos!

  10. Kasey---Yay! Horsey gifts!!! I would like to do a prize thingie--maybe when I have more readers--I make beaded horsehoes with wire to hang on your wall or barn and rhythm beads to use while trail riding. I love making them and have seen them retail for $$$...I just make them for the occasional friend. Glad your hubby got his liscense--maybe RN next? Ive been an RN for 8 years now (work with babies) and I enjoy it--most days!
    Yikes girl, too much snow! It was 68F here on Sat. and got windy and in the low 50's yesterday....Arctic BLAST! :)

  11. Whoa it looks cold there! What a fun package to receive. I'm glad Wa is doing better, it's never fun to have a NQR pony! Congrats to hubby too, though I was a little confused on him having to walk to work or you taking him up the hill or something, yeah good thing I wasn't taking him cuz I got lost :-p
    Thanks for the sweet compliments about my smile and eyes, you're sweet!;-)

  12. winter with horses is always more work! I don't know how you manage in your climate!

    Nice goody box!

  13. Wow Kacy!!! You got some really neat stuff! :)

    I am glad that Wa mare was just being silly, and did not have the dreaded "c" word on her mind! looks like you have as much snow as we do...about one foot?? Isn't that just unheard of for our area??

    After reading this post, I want to take a warm bath and sip a nice cup of!!!

  14. Kimbrely, amazing that letter writting is now an ART!
    Coming from you, thanks for the commpliment on the photo's!

    JG neato on the RN front. I am being met with the news that so many around me are in the nursing field!Yes, my man does want to continue shcooling further along.
    Do you have a post on your wares at all? I would love to see your creations!
    Stay warm and MERRY CHRISTMAS DEAR!

    D I had to thonk awile on the NQR - not quite right...yep, I do believe yesterday was the most stressful day for me as I could not see her for myself!
    Bruce works just up the hill a mile or so from our house...but with the amount of snow dumpped on us and ice too...the vehicles..not we are walking.

    Cara, yep the weather here has changed my mind about me not minding, like in the's all about the horses now!

    Mellie, whew...we are at 2 ft and climbing with snow dumpage! errr!
    I have been taking baths all the time and sipping cocoa, spiked with Kahlua!


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