Thursday, December 25, 2008

Reporting Live- Artic Blast 2008- KATU News Roving Reporter(unofficially)

Christmastime wintery days ,while house bound , I walked my husband to work to gain relief. Local News staitions, also needing relief from the 24 hour coverage duties they were involved in, encouraged all of us to send in our "YOU NEWS" footage. So I found it an easily accomplished task to involve myself in silly antics that abounded around me!
And, in hopes of actually gettting on the news while we all watched it...what else was there to do?! So we locals, around the NW, frequently sought out fun and exciting video opportunities . These are my stories~


  1. I'm kinda jealous of your snow. I grew up with lots and lots of snow and I can deal with all we get is lots and lots of ice.

    I went riding today and it was miserable. There is no snow, but we have a solid sheet of ice EVERYWHERE, even under the grass. Because it has rained every third day since it's frozen mud, then it rains and can't sink it, so it freezes on top of the frozen mud. Sometimes it will melt just a teeny bit then it's like walking on snot on glass. *sigh* It sucked. At least it was sunny!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I am sorry, that sounds ick Jenn.
    I guess our ground here is the warmest of regions, so it takes a very bad and long freeze for it to be vary far into the core of the ground.
    Good can be WITH your lovely horse! Me..I can't even get out of the parking spot here at home last 3 days...haven't seen the Wa siince last Sat! MISSSSSSSSSSSSS her!

    Where did you grow up again?

  3. I'm not one bit jealous. You can have all the snow you want. I am ready for now that Christmas is over.

  4. Hahah, I loved the cute fat Lab in the second video!

    You can keep all your snow. It sure looks like fun for a couple days, but it's not worth the cold. Here's hoping you get some warm air soon!

    racyalk: Ladies of the Night in a competitive walking race.

  5. WOW!!! you guys have really been hit hard down there in Oregon, haven't you??? It is quite lovely though! :)

    I hope that you are having a Merry Christmas despite the snowy, cold weather!!!

  6. lol! Riveting report KK!! And LIVE no less. Yeppers, you got it going on braving the severe elements to get the real stories out there! You go girl.
    Thanks for the smile. I needed it now that I can't even play out in the snow for many weeks or even ride my horse. She and I will surely get fat and lazy. I'm not sure how we'll recover :(

    By the way I just love your hat. It looks so comfy soft and warm. Such a cool style!

    Merry Christmas, my cheerful friend!

    New Mexico

  7. Hi there my little friend!! I have been catching up since this is the first day we've been able to get out of our driveway in a week!! Wow, talk about cabin fever. This has been a trip hasn't it?? First white Christmas in many years and we got almost 2 ft of snow. We still have power and that is a blessing, which means we have heat and water. This weather reminds me to be thankful for all the daily stuff I usually take for granted. I loved your pics of all the houses in your neighborhood. So festive and beautiful!! Loved your video too!! So glad to hear that all is well and you and your horses are doing well despite all this white stuff!! Bye for now

  8. I just read how your kitty Elsie got her name, my mom Elsie is a sweetie too!
    I can;t believe your kitty is 18...WOW!

  9. Jewel..oh no..I have such a big tongue that I slur my words badly, unless I smile REALLY HARD as I should see me making my VM msg for my wk phone..I am smiling and smiling..just so they can understand me!

    Yea Gail and are glad you did not getthis is getting ugly here's all piled high from the road crew scraping it around..The Barn has massive damage to fences all those large fir trees ya know!Gutter down and it is messy man!

    Lisa my dear...yea..I had wayyy too much fun doing those "live spots"..I statred to look for them after while and interview folks!
    Did you hurt yourself??
    My had it 2, one over was sooo cold!

    Carolyn, um...havine't eseen me yet...but they are on so much, I may have missed it anywho. They are showintg kids more and oh, also diaster stuff. They are NO-FUN!

    Lorie, yep..things are pretty good..we did not loose power or sustain broken pipes!
    NORMAL sou9nds pretty good about now!

  10. LOL, you're a natural! I love the crunching sound of the snow under your feet. That family looked like they were having a blast! I want to play in the snow.:-)
    I hope you make it on the news!

  11. Looks like you all had a blast! We haven't gotten any snow yet this year, we rarely do :)
    Have a Great Weekend!

  12. I know the feeling of that arctic blast all too well~ crazy! My cousins were able to get out of Portland for the holidays, thank goodness!
    I enjoyed looking at all of your snowy horse pictures. I love those blanket neck pieces- are those separate from the blankets or did they come w/the turnout??
    I am SO glad your stable has been so great helping you with the horses and troughs and's a lot of work. Spending a week with my mom at her barn, I saw the issues snow and ice can cause to a barn and horses!
    Spring is around the corner...uh, maybe? Stay warm and enjoy your holidays!!

  13. Hello PG!
    So glad that you could celebrate with family!!!
    The neck pieces I have came with these particular blankets...The blanket needs have rings for the neck peices to attach to.

    Thanks for comin' by..I really enjoy you and your blog sharing your life with us all!
    Think my stable is open today I go!


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