Sunday, December 14, 2008

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

The Night Before, all Cozy and Warm in her stall ,with a nice bite of hay~

Awakened by the sound of stillness, I arose to find~SNOW~I was amazed!

A light covering of white all around and down the treed lane~

Quickly , Excitedly, I drove myself onto the stable... and atop the mare I viewed, another Snow scene between her fuzzy ears~

Safely returned to the paddock after a snowy cold ride, the mare has a slight leer!

Looking on....A Winter's Night close by~ she in her warm covering and me now here, in mine!


  1. I like that neck cover. It looks cozy.

  2. Yes, Nuzzling, it is...I had my frosty fingers under it tons today as I did the stall mucking!

  3. Your house is so cute! We just got home and it is -10C here with howling winds under crystal clear skies. The horses look happy enough and the deicer is working well, so I am happy too.

  4. Hay, welcome back DP!
    I am glad you are happy and that you are refreshed!
    Cute,yes,Cold= forsure= 1904!

    I am wondering what my stable is doing for my mares de-icer. I am hoping that the mares get to come in(as they told me when I first came to board there) for a few hours to eat and drink..about to call!

  5. I want one good snow for pictures, and then 40's for the rest of winter, lol. I can just live vicariously through your pictures instead!

  6. Beautiful pictures! I think snow makes everything that much prettier. :)

  7. It really is beautiful isn't it?? And it's real snow - all powder and not white rain!! Whoo hoo, I feel like a kid myself. We have about 5" at our house. Ponies are all in their blankets and turned out to enjoy the white stuff and the sunny skies today!! I made it to work, but an hour and a half late - it's ok, not a single call yet and it's almost 2. At a vet clinic, this is always good news. I too love that neck warmer. I'd like to get one like that for our old gal Siri. Are they spendy??
    Take care girlie and stay warm!!
    Yippee!!! It looks like Christmas now!! Enjoy the beauty!!! :)

  8. Wonderful pictures...I am glad we cannot read your horse's mind.

  9. JJ, Okay...I can go for that 40 degrees and I will supply you with more Snow photo's and Snow VIDEOs too!Deal~
    Now we've had it..I want to go back to normal..but they are foprcasting possibly 2 more episodes!

    Yeppers April, hello to you.
    Thanks, yes taking those pictures was addicting. Everything I glanced on was new; once familar trails had been transformed into an almost surreal scene. I want to dole the pics out slowly here..It was breath taking riding in the dazzling newness of my suroundings!
    Snow can wipe away all current conditions of frenzy and worry...Unless you are unstoppable in those two departments.

    C-ing, I was wondering if you too recieved the glistening power.It seemed to be universal in dispersment this time!
    My Blanket came with the neck cover,it's "WheatherBeeta"..I got it at Wilco last year for $130.
    If you don't have a blanket with the rings or such to secure a neck cover to, then buying it together is the way to go. Removable. In Dover Cata there is a neat "WeatherBeeta" Landa 3 season turnout with all one peice neck. For the really could just put another sheet atop of it.
    Staying warm for now!

    Yea Gail...Wa,she does give me the look sometimes!!

  10. Yes, our old place was 1905. Also not warm. Electric mattress pad = best money every spent.

  11. Don't you just love a quick ride in the snow?? I love your new header today as are just full of!!!

    To answer your, the winter wonderland did not miss us. We have about five inches of snow, 15 degree temps, and 40 mph sustained winds-with gusts of up to 70. It is positively freezing!!!!

  12. Is that your house? How absolutely gingerbread cozy it looks! I do love the quiet that descends with the snow covering. Robert Frost, in his poem, Stopping At A Wood On A Snowy Evening, captures that feeling beautifully for me.

  13. Oh DP, that Warm -electric mattress pad idea is a goodie. Been sleeping with a hat on and ALWAYS the hot water bottle for the tootsies!

    With ya Mellie...just discovered that the Washing machine won't those pipes are solid...pray we don't have a break! I put a space heater on em this am.
    Hang in...take care!
    (Yea..having fun changing the header and other is about the only control I have right now!)

    Carolynn..yep. That is our "Mary A. Wiesse" house it was moved to this location and we have not found much more on the woman...
    That Frost poem sounds heavenly...I must look it up!!

  14. Wow, I enjoyed looking at all that beautiful snow. How fun to get to go out and ride in it! No snow here, but it is pretty darn cold (for here).

  15. Gorgeous horsey snow pictures. Oh how I miss riding through the softly falling snow!

  16. Hay Tara! yes, I am
    on that day in the snow with my it has now gone into freezing stuff and the fun is gone!
    Breaking ice and relegated to lunging for awhile.
    How cold is cold to you?

    Hello to you Jennifer M-T,
    Very adorable photo of child and White pony with scarf!
    I will come vivt to read of your stories of riding through softly falling snow!!


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