Monday, December 8, 2008

NIght Crew at work in paddock

This is the wonderful new Drive way we got for Christmas at the Stable.
I love how considerate of our needs they can be there!
I oft times end up walking in the dark, after mucking my 2 stalls, with a Camping lantern in tow on my wheel barrel handle the topography is a bit bumpy and I went down once, so far, with not seeing the ridge ahead of me in the dark. That took this ol' bod weeks to get over! I was flat like a pancake in a breath ! This lack of daylight gets me sooner and sooner...
I get to the stable andI used to do mucking first..kind of a good wind down to any day to fling some crap around. Hit it a few times with the pitchfork and then say good riddance and dump it all out in a big crap pile ! Darned good Therapy that costs nothing!
Now I have opted to ride and muck after. So this driveway is so nice and slippery slide like before..I CAN do it in the dark! was the day My husband said he'd help me last week...have to fix my paddock before too much freezing happens. I really wanted to have video for you of the sliding stop my mare does into the gate( I am standing at it here) drives me crazy to watch and as the winter has progressed...the underlayment of the gravel has migrated -by force- to the bottom of the corner!
If I could draw a serpentine line from the bottom of the above photo , left then right,to the top of the Run in stall..that is about where the underlayment is and Pea gravel all slid into the bottom field! man really did NOT want to go out to the barn and do this work...he put it off, and put it off....and we finally got out there at 4pm. Well, it gets dark at 5pm-

He worked his little hiney off(and there ain't much there to start with) we trenched small timbers, like railroad ties, into the ground by hand layed more underlayment and moved all that Pea gravel back to it's placment. Whew...should have put these down from the start! Need some at the bottom the gravel slides not the next paddock...but I can rake it, I guess.

It was completely dark when we finished...snapped one from Wa's stall and drove home...we shall see how we really did tomorrow when I go .

OH!!! Got a parcel today...yeee!!! A "used" dog ears!

COOL!!! am on the right course now!


  1. Congratulations on your new drive. We need a few of those around here!

  2. Thanks Gail, it is very handy in the dark. I am sure it helps with the staff feeding as well-day or night!

  3. You're gonna LOVE that Cavalletti book!! It's one of the best books I think I've ever owned!

  4. Yea Stac,
    I had it months ago and lost it..I had the Original 30 yr old was cool, I am sure it is somewhere aroud here...could be at work...gotta find it!

  5. Ooooh...good book! My hubby doesn't have much of a hiney to losse either. I do though! Why is that??? LOL!!

  6. Kacy, your dogs are sooo sweet!!! My first dog (Aslan's mother) was half Bernese Mountain dog. Her mother was such a character!

    Warm greetings,

  7. Oh you goof, you did publish your identity! My hub says I am too trusting with doing all this blogging and giving away my secrets, (what secrets??) Anyhoo
    I will send the package tomorrow,
    PS. my word verification is
    Gatoress , Ha thought it was funny!

  8. Hi TRC! a too trusting sort sometimes!
    Gatoress...maybe that is what was in our small pond the other Sunday

  9. hi there - i just found your blog and i see you have experience with creating mud-free paddocks. can i ask you, did you put anything under the gravel first? i see it's important to frame the gravel area - i'll do that for sure!

    we just got our own place and i am researching building gravel paddocks. i'd like to use geotextile, and i'm curious if i need large rock under the fabric or not.

    i want to do this right!

    thanks in advance,

    ~lytha in germany


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