Friday, December 19, 2008

Vinnie's Snow Flurry View

I followed the tracks to find a sweet face looking on wistfully from his stall ~

Vinnie- "VooVoo"...(My pet name for him)is a wonderful Thoroughbred that boards at my stable.


  1. Good just doesn't stop, does it??? I love the video's from your last post too. :)

    I also like the definitions that you left on my blog. You and Gail always know the neatest sayings!! How do you do that???

  2. Vinnie is a great name for a horse. We used to have a huge Victorian velvet couch named Vinnie -- maybe they are similar?

    bingstst = sound made by a cash register with a speech impediment

  3. I love your post. Check out mine. I'm have made up a contest!

  4. I don't know that it's stopped snowing here long enough footprints could be found in the snow. My horses are getting the stall version of cabin fever.

  5. Hahah!
    Mellie,I don't know...I have tio think pretty hard and sometimes I put the wrong letters in the box..just to get a new weido word out of that inspires me!

    Okay DP...people name cars I have named cars...But a couch!Vinnie the velvet huh.
    I laughed pretty well over your speech impedimant!

    Coming Gail!

  6. R Rainbow,Yea...we have been free lunging all the horses 20 minutes a day..but in 2 /10 min sessions.
    It is all gone here at the home..but at the barn it is 1,500 I will try to go and see tomorrow...whew!

  7. :) I really enjoy all of your videos. The horses are beautiful!

    Have a blessed weekend :)

  8. Sharon...what did you get for momma?
    You have yourself a nice wkend also...gonna try to make it to the stable to ck on the mares today...maybe foolish but, got to try.

    CONCINT =when one concedes the silly actions they do..while squinting~


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