Friday, December 5, 2008

LINK how-to for my bloggerville friends!

C-ing Spots is having some technical trouble over in another part of Oregon...since she is a sister to the area and also become a dear one to my equine bloggin'heart. I would LOVE to help her out. There may be some kind of technical support for these types of things derived from needing to be up to date on your bloggin Yet- I find that if I can do it for her here, helping her add LINKs, well..why not? Maybe someday someone will devote a post to my GREAT desire to make video's with music and have them all clipped into the sections =I wish to show, not all the boring details of me riding to the camera becasue it is propped on a tree brantch!!

So here goes :(this is how I do it)

>Firstly open your New Post

>In another window previously opened or just in another window..right click over the web spot or blogger site you wish to have in your post/select copy shortstcut (w the left click sideof mouse) "~"

>In your Post, type and then HIGHLIGHT your determined Typed name you wish to be linked.

> Go up to the Link Logo on the top of your Post choices( it's the green looking globe with a silver link on the top) It'll say link if you curse over it also

> choose the hyperlink "URL" line- usually- to left click on- then click Paste

> Walla!!

You should now see your word typed...another color,rendering it linked to your desired site, person, blog, video....or maybe "Elfed" by Office max! That is my next venture! It'll make you laugh till you need a depends!

Hope this was helpful My Dear!


  1. Hey you!!! That is basically what I do too, I just wrote it out in more steps. :)

    Isn't Stretch handsome??? I would love to get him for Christmas, but alas, I can't afford to have another horse! :(

    I did that post just to be silly, but I would love it if my wish came true! :)

  2. Well silly or not, what a lovely dreamy horse!

  3. How loud to I have to curse over it?!

  4. A-Ha hahahahahah!!
    It is in an ancient, unspoken, language that is not loud at all!

  5. Thanks for the link how to! LOL I've been wondering myself how to do that! I have been enjoying your blog very much, I have horses too, rode all the time when I was younger, now that I am grown and hvae horses again, I'm shy about getting back in the saddle! I want to invite you to read my blog if you want, just email I have a question for you, one of myhorses is 20+ and is getting arthritis. Weather here is getting cold and I dont know what to do to easy any joint problems he may face..any suggestions? I sure would appreciate the help!

  6. I hate putting links in Blogger. I hate putting pictures in even more. It's so tedious and unuser friendly. I just do everything on the html side to make it go quicker.

  7. Thank you sooo much my little friend!!! What a total surprise to come on over here and see my familiar little pony faces on your site!! hee hee I love their little mugs being splashed all over the place!! I'm gonna try those links out today - X fingers crossed??


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